Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Balls - New 2020
Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Balls - New 2020

Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Balls - New 2020

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Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Balls: The all-new 2020 Tour B X from Bridgestone, ideal for the Golfer who prefers a premium quality ball with feel and accuracy. The Tour B X offers a softer feel by way of the all-new Reactiv technology, this technology adds feel and control by increasing friction through the Reactiv Urethane cover.

The new 2020 Tour B X is catered for golfers who posses swing speeds in excess of 105 mph. The Tour B X generates faster speeds due to the design of the Gradational core compression, higher ball speeds combined with lower side spin rates = accuracy and distance. The Tour B X has a seamless Reactiv Urethane cover that delivers aerodynamic balance and concentrated control.

The Tour B X has been manufactured with Bridgestone’s Improved Dual Dimple Design; this design features 330 dual dimples that add increased aerodynamics, optimal flights with less drag and delivers enhanced trajectories.

  • 12 Ball Pack
  • Swing speeds over 105 mph
  • Three Piece Reactiv Urethane Cover Technology
  • Compression 85
  • Gradational Compression Core
  • 330 Dual Dimple Design.